The next generation of Biometric identity authentication system
The next generation of Biometric identity authentication system
by lanternsystem |2017-04-05| Uncategorized

Identity authentication based on biometric matching forge ahead to advance along with consumer acceptance in both private and public sectors. The use of biometric technology to identify individuals has been in use since few years. Often biometrics can identify individuals through fingerprints, iris scans, as well as facial and voice matching. Why leaving behind the latest mobile technology. Mobile technology has revolutionized many industries and biometrics is one among them. Mobile biometrics is booming.

Security needs are driving demands for a biometric system. U.S. visa, setting the stage for travel and immigration has become the biggest application area using the biometric system. Various hospitals are also deploying the use of biometrics to prevent unauthorized access in patients’ records. The threat of identity theft has also led financial and healthcare institutions to adopt biometrics as the proven authentication method. This splendid technology also serves purpose in the workforce management modality to increase efficiency.

‘M2SYS’ is emerging as leading player in the biometric software platform. Their main expertise include DNAfingerprintfinger veinpalm veiniris, and facial recognition. Identity authentication acts a safeguard towards unauthentic access.

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