Improving Surveillance with IP Surveillance System
by lanternsystem |2017-07-15| Uncategorized

Why is everyone publicizing IP Security camera system? Won’t analog camera system deliver the same result? Each security system includes a video recorder, high resolution camera, patch cables, network switch and a display monitor. The resolution of IP cameras is recorded in megapixels and records in HD and GUI is easy to navigate. Also, built-in video analytics are enabled for not only depecting a single image but entire change in video stream too. Reason to use High definition IP cameras:-

 •            Better Resolution

 •            Plug and Play

•             Ease of use

Video Analytics IP cameras are intelligent devices that have the best feature to compress video images to minimize video streaming over the network. Well IP cameras have already become strong in the industry keeping ahead of analog cameras. IP security cameras can be easily paired with mobile, tab or desktop. It comes as vandal-resistant and weather proof too which can ensure safe outdoor installation.

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