Fibre optics – The future into digital communication
Fibre Optics
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Is fibre optics going to enter the future of Digital communication? Has fibre optics overtaken the copper cables completely? Well, since decade fibre optic networks have been used to transmit large volumes of traffic across the universe. It has been lately seen although fibre networks precisely becoming the safest investment for the communities in the long run.

Choosing Fibre Optics over Copper Cable has a become a new trend

Although Copper has advantage of becoming the cheapest mode for connecting network devices still fibre becomes a better enticing cable infrastructure solution. Few reasons that account for fibre optics being better than its counterpart are:-

  • Faster Transmission

It transmits at a speed close to the speed of light-only about 31 percent slower than light. For internet the speeds may vary i.e. it depends on your connection since all fibre services are not equal. But anyhow it’s not distance sensitive like copper.

  • Low attenuation

For attaining long distance, fibre optics cables usually experience less signal loss than the copper cabling. Actual distance may vary since it depends on the wavelength and the network.

  • No electricity Conduction

Since fibre is bad conductor of electricity, unlike copper cables won’t produce unnecessary electromagnetic current interfering the network.

  • Greater Bandwidth

Unlike copper cables with limited bandwidth, fiber optics  with same diameter provide more bandwidth for carrying more data.

  • Not a fire hazard

As said earlier, fibre being bad conductor of electricity, it doesn’t produce any EMI and so no chances of any fire hazard.

Fibre optics does much support to most of the world’s internet, cable television and the telephones.

Since people now-a-days spends most of the time online, internet usage is on the peak. It then requires more bandwidth, so a shared cable wouldn’t help. So, there is always increase in demand for fibre-optics. 

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