A Message From Our CEO

Lantern Systems enjoyed great success in 2016 - thanks to our exceptional staff and clients. Our journey to excellence continues as our business expanded and we opened our new operations in India.

As our business continues to grow, we continually refine and enhance our security solutions. We always strive to create a wall of safety and security that surrounds our clients with peace of mind.

In today's world of security the right balance of people and technology is very significant. Proactive technology enhancements can create cost savings in many areas. Achieving operating and capital expense optimization along with meeting the specific growing needs of the customer is much clearer with our security solutions.

We want to take this instant to thank all our valued clients for allowing us to meet your expectations by providing industry leading security and software solutions. Your continued patronage and suggestions are vital part of our growth. We appreciate the trust you placed in us and look forward to working with you on brilliant ideas and successful projects.


Established the excellence center in India

Starting a new venture with Infinite Play

Expanding Dubai operations soon

Iris Recognition Is Gaining Momentum

Forging fingerprints is just as easy. Most offices use traditional way for secure access. People want quick access to get their jobs done with security. Codes, cards, badges can retard the free flow of security access. So, what is the best approach for ensuring secure access?

IRIS recognition is gaining its popularity since last decade and is the most robust Pattern Identification process used. Handheld devices like smartphones or tablet are being turned into instruments for payment transaction and identity verification.

Companies, EyeLock and Qualcomm are coming up with the latest Mobile Iris scanning technology that can assess 240 characteristics of an eye at a distance of 60cm, MWC report says. Even, 29 Canadian airports deployed iris recognition for their employees.

People immediately gravitate towards Iris recognition as the most accurate biometric process than other modalities. The global Iris Recognition in access control market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.09% during the period 2017-2020. It fulfils the credo of basic Identification Process. It is considerably accurate than the conventional methods of Biometrics as it creates hassle-free security environment.

Discover Lantern

We at Lantern provide you with wide multitude of security, networking and software solutions and industrial services for our target industry verticals, based on what is right for the customer. Providing a latest combination of global domain expertise delivered on a local basis Lantern has proven experience delivering engineering services, project services and software solutions.

The Global Iris Recognition in access control market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.09% during the period 2017-2020.

Excellence Centre

Excellence Center in India is a keen technical team focused on Custom software development, Mobile app development, Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing. It offers high quality and professional IT solutions and services to meet the evolving needs of business across the globe. It is our strong conviction that every business firm or organization, irrespective of its size, has some common needs as well as needs that are absolutely specific. Our team takes an approach based on these needs and adopts relevant strategies. With our 360 degree solutions from creative design to digital marketing we help to drive quality traffic and convert them to potential business prospects.

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